Maria was 29 years old when she was accepted together with her 4 year old daughter in the ” Acasă ” Program of Casa Ioana.

Maria stayed up to the age of 20 in several Children Protection Centers located in Bucharest and outside Bucharest. She said that she had never met her parents and relatives, except her maternal grandmother .

Before being accepted at Casa Ioana, Maria lived with her daughter in a maternity center for a period of four years. Representatives of the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection directed Maria to our institution where she was met by a social worker who offered her a family room in the center.

Helped by the social worker, Maria managed to get a temporary ID and to successfully find a daycare center for her child near the Casa Ioana shelter. The counseling sessions, the support provided and the fact that she was encouraged by the social worker in all her endeavors, helped her to understand that the most important thing for an independent living is to find and maintain a legal job.

After about four months, Maria found a legal job at a company that provides cleaning services.

After five months of saving money from her earnings, Maria managed to afford paying rent and support her family, independently this time and to move out of the shelter.

Maria left the association program after a period of nine months, during which – together with the social worker’s help – she was able to solve her most important problems, problems that had prevented her and her family prior to her stay in Casa Ioana, to live independently.

Outcomes such as this make everything we do at Casa Ioana worthwhile.

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