Each month we are required to supply a report to the Romanian Ministry of Labour (Ministerul Muncii), who support our work by offering a small subsidy for each person we help from our own funds (which in the main, of course, come from the kindness of our donors and sponsors).

As we are keen to publicise the work we do, and as we are an organisation which strives to be as transparent as possible, we thought that you may be interested to see a summary of the report, which outlines exactly who we helped.

Last month (October 2014) 50 people received accommodation and social services at Casa Ioana. The youngest person was just a year old, while the oldest was 46.

Of those 50:

- Two beneficiaries started procedures which will allow them to take meals at a social canteen

- One beneficiary was scheduled for a second job interview at Ateliere fara Frontiere

- Two beneficiaries managed to obtain jobs with a working contracts

- One child received medical assistance

- Five beneficiaries managed to raise money

- One beneficiary managed to change his ID card, after marriage

- Nine beneficiaries maintained their jobs

- Five beneficiaries are presently looking for a job

- One beneficiary is working without a contract

- Six beneficiaries are attending psychological counselling sessions

- One beneficiary started procedures to enroll her three-year-old daughter in a daycare center, in Sector 4

- One beneficiary started the procedures in order to change the payment method of her family allowance

- One beneficiary was supported in her attempts to regain custody of her child from social services

- One beneficiary received help in order to start divorce proceedings

For all of the people involved, these are small yet crucial steps towards normality, and is all made possible by the kind people who donate their time and/or money.

Please consider doing the same, here. You could also come to our Quiz Night at Mojo this evening: we look forward to seeing you there.

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