It’s truly humbling when we see the kinds of things that people are doing in order to raise funds for Casa Ioana.

Take Martin Burrows, a Brit  who has been a great friend of Casa Ioana for some time. In March he will be cycling from Bournemouth in England to Barcelona in Spain, a distance of over 850 miles. And all for Casa Ioana (he is aiming to raise a total of 6000 lei).

Here’s what Martin has to say himself:

This Easter I will be riding from Bournemouth, UK to Barcelona to raise money for the Casa Ioana Association in Bucharest, Romania. Casa Ioana is an organisation that supports victims of domestic abuse and families who have become homeless to rebuild their lives and regain stability and housing. By sponsoring me for as much as you can afford you can help Casa Ioana in it’s vital work and ultimately make tangible difference to the lives of people vulnerable individuals.

I will be riding with two of my good friends, each trying to raise money for charities that are dear to our hearts. The trip will involve 850 miles of cycling over the course of 10 days taking us across the South of England, crossing the channel, down the length of France, over the Pyrenees and finally finishing in Barcelona. We will be doing this without a support vehicle equipped with all the things we need for the journey including a tent, a tool kit and a splash of Lycra. Averaging over 80 miles a day this will be a massive challenge for us – especially as we are all relatively new to cycling. We depart on the 27th of March which is rapidly approaching in a terrifying fashion!

We are delighted to have Martin on board and raising funds for us, but what he now needs most is for you to help us too, by supporting Martin. You can donate money here, on his Galantom fund raising page.

From all of us at Casa Ioana: Good luck Martin!

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