Almost every week, a woman suffering abuse is killed

– Romanian National Police

Your company or micro-enterprise can make a big difference to the lives of women and children confronted with domestic abuse and family homelessness by creating new beginnings – free from fear.

Please support our life changing and lifesaving work by donating 20% of your profit tax, because a certain amount of corporate philanthropy is simply good business and will generate long-term benefits for investors and the organisations your company supports.

Casa Ioana is listed in the Register of Associations and Foundations under number 70/1995 and in the ANAF Register in accordance with Decision 25075/08.04.2019.

Giving is not just about making a donation.
It is about making a difference.

– Kathy Calvin, President of the UN Foundation

Your company can direct 20% of its corporate tax – up to 7.5% of turnover – to Casa Ioana based on a Sponsorship Contract.

For any amounts that exceed these limitations, your company can deduct the difference over the next fiscal periods for up to 7 years. Your sponsorship can be made quarterly of annually and will be deducted from the profit tax for the period in question.


Turnover 25,000,000 Ron
Taxable profit 6,000,000 Ron
Profit Tax (16%) 960,000 Ron
20% of profit tax 192,000 Ron
7,5% of turnover 187,000 Ron
Maximum amount that can be redirected = 187,000 Ron

You can read LAW Nr. 571/22.12.2003 regarding the Fiscal Code here.

Download a Casa Ioana Sponsorship Contract here. Simply complete the form in duplicate, sign it and then send it to Casa Ioana at Șoseaua Olteniței 39-41, București 041294. Casa Ioana will countersign the document and return you one of the originals.

For information, please contact:

I give because a small contribution from me can
make a big difference to others