Welcome to Casa Ioana Association

Celebrate 25 years of saving and changing lives

1995 - 2020

Together we have raised and invested more than €2,000,000 to provide NEW BEGINNINGS


5,394 single adults

6,015 families, including

7,601 children

Over 500 corporate donors, tens of thousands of individual donors and over 450 volunteers have joined us in our work, giving their time to over 9000 hours



Casa Ioana is different because we address the multiple issues that underlie domestic violence. This highly successful formula offers families opportunities to break out of desperate circumstances and begin their journey towards empowerment and economic independence.

Established in 1995, Casa Ioana Association is a non-governmental organization (NGO or charity) that empowers survivors of domestic violence and homeless families towards independence.

Casa Ioana is the leading independent provider of complex accommodation and support in Bucharest. Activities are designed to support survivors from the moment they leave their abusers until they feel ready to move on. The provision of safe accommodation and meals meets the physical and personal needs of the beneficiary, while vital psychosocial support and help with life and vocational skills enable survivors to be financially independent.


Access to safe housing and services is an absolute necessity if we are to empower women and children facing domestic abuse and homeless families, and it takes effort.

Here's a look at some of the 2020 partners and donors who are helping us make a difference.

Platinum partners

Gold partners

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Bronze partners

Clothing Direct
The Terrace
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Celebrating 25 years of life-saving and life-changing work
1995 - 2020

Give click here to take a look at Casa Ioana's centre for survivors of domestic violence and homeless families, and hear how social workers, as well as former and current beneficiaries, talk about how Casa Ioana is creating NEW BEGINNINGS - away from abuse.

Temporary Accommodation

The centre in Berceni offers 9 family-type rooms for women and children affected by domestic violence and/or homelessness and is protected by BGS Security Division.                                        Read more


We offer support to women in accessing affordable housing and legal support, and also to access various support services in the community.             Read more

Youth and

We provide a child-friendly environment for children to transition smoothly to temporary accommodation.                               Read more


We support women who suffer as a result of financial abuse. We also offer support to women facing financial problems.             Read more


If you're thinking about getting out of an abusive relationship, we'll help you develop a plan to be prepared practically, emotionally and financially.  Read more

97% of every donation directly supports women and children affected by domestic abuse and homeless families.

What our beneficiaries say

We empower survivors of domestic abuse in our local communities. Our focus is on training, income and health.

Together we can make a difference!

Help women and children facing domestic abuse and homelessness by booking a room for someone you'll never meet, in a place you'll hopefully never need.

Every night in Bucharest, about 30 women need a safe place to stay.

A safe night for a woman and her children costs only 20 euros in the centre of Casa Ioana

Casa Ioana offers:
  • A safe room
  • Hot meals
  • 24-hour protection
  • Childcare
  • Staff and volunteers providing support
  • Useful tips and psychological support

Sponsor a child and help to create a new beginning free from fear

You have the opportunity to help a child get a fresh start away from fear. Children who have grown up in abusive homes need help to understand all that they have seen and experienced. At Casa Ioana, every child has access to trained and specialized counselors to help them heal.

Child sponsorship connects two people - a sponsor with a generous heart and a child in need. When you sponsor a child through a monthly giving plan, you give:

  • a safe place to live
  • three daily nutritious meals
  • a dedicated team of professional social workers, psychologists and volunteers

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Thanks to our platinum partner Kingfisher, we have already raised €60,000 out of the €120,000 needed to renovate the second centre in Bucharest.

The newly renovated centre will provide additional safe accommodation for seven more families. You can make a donation here of €66.000 needed to complete this project.