Casa Ioana – living life without fear

Casa Ioana is a domestic abuse and family homelessness charity working in Bucharest, Romania.
Casa Ioana’s integrated ACASĂ programme meets the particular needs of families and individuals over an extended period. We work with a broad network of both public-sector agencies and other service providers to help women and children resolve all their problems and acquire the necessary skills and assistance they need to regain family stability and affordable housing. We address the multiple underlying issues of domestic violence and family homelessness, rather than simply focusing on providing short-term emergency shelter.

  • Are you confused, scared or isolated by a partner, ex-partner or family member?
  • Do you think you may be in an abusive relationship and need to talk?
  • Are you a young person worried or confused about a relationship?
  • Are you worried about someone you think may be being abused?

Call us on +40 21 332 6390

  • If we cannot respond immediately, we will try to call you back by the next working day.
  • Please leave your name and a safe contact number for us to call you back.

If you are in danger now call 112.

If you are browsing this site at home and you are interrupted by your partner, or someone else that you would rather not know what sites you are looking at, you can click on the ‘Click here to leave this site quickly’ button below. The button will take you to a popular site so that your partner will not know where you have been. It is always better though, to use a family or friend’s computer, where your partner has no or limited access.